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Children and Self Esteem

Posted on: August 7, 2009

Children and self esteem – Experts may have stated that self esteem in children is one of the most important things in the development of any child. When your child is in lower primary school, they tend to make sense in whatever things they do. They live through during that phase with basic experimental stimulation.

It is the thought process in very child that make it possible for them to experiment during and in their lower primary school period. But their logical thinking and critical thought process has not yet been fully developed. This is due to that they have not enough life experiment and the necessary knowledge to make informed decision. They are still in learning mode and in the process of relying others to make decision for them. They are hungry for more knowledge too. And that’s why; you will see a child at this age tends to ask more questions than other age group of children.

As said that parent should not exposed negative events to your child because this will in turn reflect on how your child grows up in adult life. If they are overly exposed to negative things, their self esteem will be low and have no confidence in themselves. You will also want to take note that child self esteem also evolve around their social network, their surrounding environment and their own psychology thinking.

In other words, developing children self esteem has to be done at an early stage and do it right, so that they can carry with them when they are adults.

But if you don’t know or at loss of what and how to teach your child to develop self esteem, you can either

  1. surf internet for more information,
  2. buy children and self esteem book from local bookstores
  3. enroll your child to your local education center which provides this type of children and self esteem courses. Some of these courses offer free workshop or seminar for parents to actually experience what the center is like before enrolling to the school.

If the latter is what you are looking for, you can view this website for more information.


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